Vetiver-The earth connection
KathakaliVetiver, botanically “Vetiveria zizanioides” has been known in India from the ancient times. It has been considered a high-class perfume. Copper plate inscriptions listing the perfume as one of the articles used by royalty have been discovered. In Ayurvedic literature it is called Suganti-mulaka’ (means Sweet smelling) and ‘Sita-mulaka’ (having cool roots). It is widely used in perfumes and cosmetics, and for scenting soaps. It blends well with the oils of sandalwood, patchouli and rose. When locally applied in rheumatism, lumbago and sprain, it is a good ambrocation and affords relief.

* Basketry and Kitchen Utensils
* Home Decoration items
* Office Supplies & Corporate Gifts
* Utility wares: Foot wear, Cap/Hat, Window Curtain, Mat, Car Seat, Roofs – Car/Terrace
* Incense Sticks, Plant potshats
* Pure Vetiver Oil – that has high Medicinal Value : used as a carminative in flatulence, colic and obstinate vomiting. It is regarded as a stimulant, refrigerant and antibacterial and when applied externally, it removes excess heat from the body and gives a cooling effect.

Common and popular names of Vettiver:
Sanskrit – Abhaya, Amrinala, Ayadaha, Jalashaya, Ushira
English – Cuscus, Vetiver, Koosa
Hindi – Bala, Bahah, Ganrar, Kaskas, Khas, Usir
Marathi – Vala
Malayalam – Ramachchamver, Vettiver
Tamil – Vakil, Vettiver, Vilhalver, Viranam, Virkel
Kannada – Lavancha
Telegu – Avurugaddiveru, Kassavu Kuruveru

Bamboo Handicrafts

Flower vasebamboo cartOur gifted artisans from the rural folk produce wonderful objects of craft from simple materials like cane, bamboo and wood. Their rare artistic skills have been streamlined into the manufacture of exquisite household pieces – Utility & Decorative items. Observing the nimble fingers doing Orissa Tribal Painting at work on Bamboo Handicrafts is a hair-raising experience.

Palm Leaf Etchings – Orissa Tribal Painting using Fruit-Dye

greeting card

In the Cuttack district of Orissa, a beautiful folk art-form thrives which involves etching out patterns with thin lines using an iron pen on strips of palm leaf. Different parts of the complete picture are finished on a number of strips which are then sewn together to complete the motif. The etching is rubbed with lamp black to achieve a quaint effect. These small etchings mostly use mythological themes and are folded over and tied up with a string. Greeting Card, Inivitation & Visiting Card with Palm leaf Etchings sticked to Hand-made colourful paper is one of the Specialities. Orissa Tribal Painting is done using Fruit-Dye from Beetel leaf, Berry, Grapes, etc..

Terra cotta
GaneshaTerracotta (Latin: “baked earth”) is a waterproof ceramic. Its uses include vessels, water & waste water pipes and surface embellishment in building construction. The term is also used to refer to items made out of this material and to its natural, brownish orange color. Creative artisans have comeup with a variety of utility as well as Decorative pieces. Its been beautified with Mettalic Finishes and along with other rural specialty items.





Handmade Paper
handmade paperAncient Egyptians invented the first substance like the paper we know today called Papyrus. Papyrus scrolls were made by taking slices of the inner part of the papyrus stem, flattening then pounded into a hard, thin sheet.Paper was born and this humble mixture would set off one of mankind’s greatest communication revolutions.

Today there is a revival in homemade papermaking crafts. Not only is it a fun experience for you and the kids, but it’s a good way to recycle waste into wonderful possibilities. our well-trained Folks have created a wide variety of Office Supplies, Cards, Decorative items to list a few. Our user friendly and creatively designed handmade paper items have the innovative and functional self folding feature. Easily transportable and unique, these box items are just irresistible.